Set max row height, with overflow

Hi there

We have built a CRM.
There is a scene where we can see all the details about our client (a building).
In this scene is a table showing the contacts associated to that building. These contacts are often associated to multiple buildings (clients).
In that contacts table, a column lists all the other buildings linked to that contact. Some contacts are very busy across locations and therefore there are many locations, and the row therefore can get a little out of hand. I would like to limit this row height to, say, 10 lines.
If there is overflow, the ideal would be to be able to click to drop down the remaining height of the row to see the rest, but any solution to viewing overflow is more than adequate.

Column 9

  • however, I am quite happy for the code to operate across the whole app if that it easier (or scene, or view)

Would anyone be able to help me please?

Do you mean you want to set the Pagination to Display 10 records at a time but also Let the user change the amount to see more/the balance, or something else?