Change amount of rows shown in a Grid but NOT talking about Pagination (no scrolling)

In the help desk I am creating, I have a Grid View of service tickets on a page that only Service Staff can see. Right now it is just dummy data/tickets. I made the pagination 100 per page for staff at their request. However, even though it “shows” 100 per page, it still makes you scroll through the results and it seems that amount changes based on screen size.

When my screen is maximized to my monitor, it shows 11 rows at a time before I have to scroll.

If I reduce my screen, it only shows 5 rows, but if I re-maximize it, it still only shows those 5 rows at a time and I have to refresh my screen to get it back to 11.

Staff have complained about the scrolling saying it still feels “crunched.”

While I am not a coder, as Carl would say, I can copy and paste, so if anyone knows a way to get it to stop putting up scroll bars, that would be great.

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@Jordan_Dotson - thanks for the shout out :wink:

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed this behaviour, but you may find using sticky headers helps. I use this a lot when I need to have tables set to 100 records and want to avoid scrolling the whole screen. You can determine the size of the view port in pixels, which should ensure that it displays the same amount of rows each time.
It’s a very simple snippet of CSS code which you can copy and paste. This only seems to work, as shown in the video, if you have your app set to full width, not max width.


I figured out the problem. In the Live App Design settings, under Look & Feel, my app had Max Width selected. Once I changed it to Full Width, grids now display without the constricted scrolling box.

Good find :+1:….
I forgot to check for that :thinking:
I almost always setup my apps as full width to avoid any funky layout issues. Also, I tend to use the sticky Headers code and it doesn’t seem to play nicely when set to full width.

I had watched your sticky headers video before but had forgotten about it, so I am really glad you reminded me of it on this thread because it is SO much nicer looking/useful when working with really long tables. I am now going and putting in its coding for many of my grid views that I know will have or have the possibility of having lots of rows.

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