Freeze Table Columns and Rows

One of my views has an extremely long table (meaning number of columns), so a horizontal scrollbar is a given.

When viewing many records (say 100), the user has to scroll down so far to get to the horizontal scrollbar that they lose track of what each column is for. It would be nice to FREEZE THE TOP ROW and only scroll the records.

As a workaround in the meantime, I have instructed the users to apply a filter to narrow down how many records they're looking at so that they don't have a vertical scrollbar, but this is not good enough.

I too think this is a great feature to be standard. There are JS solutions out there, discussed in the community, but they fall over when using other standard table features (sorting, ....).

I have this request as well.  This would be a great add.

Hi everyone! Looking for a little further help understanding the need for a sticky or frozen column in a table view. The sticky column piece of the request is a little more nuanced than the sticky headers, where the header is frozen to the top of the table while scrolling vertically.

If anyone who sees this could chime in with more real-world use cases that benefit from a sticky column, that would help us out! A few other specific questions:

  1. Do you anticipate freezing more than one column in a table view, if so, up to how many?
  2. Would there ever be a need to freeze a column on the right side of the table? Such as in situations where an international user is consuming the data in the view from right to left?

Any other detail you can provide is appreciated at this point. Hoping to get this one off the ground soon!

Hey @Jessie. Not sure if this request belongs here or needs a separate post of it’s own but an issue a few of my clients have been facing is that when they set the default records per page to 1000, the horizomntal scroll bar is all the way at the bottom and makes it difficult for their app users to find and use. Is it possible to include a top scrollbar as well?

I’m current;y using the solution outlined in the below link but it’s pretty clunky and doesn’t work that great…

For me, it would be enough to be able to freeze the heading row and one column (after all it could be a formula field).

While thinking about tables, I would agree with Arjun’s suggestion although for me personally as a Mac user there is no issue as you can scroll sideways easily - haven’t really used a Windows PC for a while.

I think users would also like the ability to resize, hide and re-order columns in the live app - people are used to doing this type of thing - and for this to persist if data is downloaded. All of these features should be options in the design of each table.


Jessie, the request was actually to freeze the header ROW, not column and the new version does that. (However, the rows scroll on top of it and I have already submitted a bug report on that.)

So I don’t need columns to freeze. I just mentioned columns because the users need to use the horizontal scrollbar that is at the very bottom. Putting a scrollbar also at the top (even better, make it an option) like mentioned above would also help.

But in general, you have already resolved this request. It just could be even better.