Lock table headers in table form

If there was an option to lock table headers and allow just the rows to scroll would be a huge improvement

Can be confusing when you cant see the collum header you constantly have to scroll back to top of a table to verify you are looking at the correct column

Yes, please make this a part of the standard features.

Would like this a well

Much needed!! Made this request via chat a few times.

"Freeze Panes" - Yes, Please!!!

It would be a dream come true

Please Add :slight_smile:

I like

Agreed. Would be VERY helpful.

Yes, if I understand you right, that would allow a table display say, 4 records visible but might have any number of records in it. The user simply scrolls to see hidden records. Tidy and saving lots of page space. Gets my vote!

I agree with Kdfuas

This would be a great and well needed feature