Lock Table Headers

This was a request from Way back in 2014

I do think that they were right on with this request, but it was never something done. Not sure why. Is it a difficult thing to have in the system.

I could not vote on the old request, so I am asking again.



Dec '14

If there was an option to lock table headers and allow just the rows to scroll would be a huge improvement

Can be confusing when you cant see the collum header you constantly have to scroll back to top of a table to verify you are looking at the correct column

In the Builder when you go to Records, these Headers, are locked. Why can we not lock them in the Live App?

A native option would be great, however, you can get around this with a snippet of code:

Sticky Headers - Knack Database

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Thank You, that seems to Almost work.
For some reason mine is freezing just above the table headers. So the table headers are scrolling away, but the search bar, and title are staying visible.

Try switching between Full and Max width under settings. It works ok when your tables are full width. Bit of a workaround I’m afraid. There may be another code based fix but I’m not a coder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That worked, Thank you

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Glad that helped. :+1: