Table Pagination - option for more than 100

The dropdown choices on setting up Table Pagination is currently limited to select a maximum of 100 records to display as default. The dropdown should be expanded to set the default value to view more that 100 records.

The dropdown should match the choices offered to the actual user i.e., 10 per page; 25 per page; 50 per page; 100 per page; 500 per page; 1000 per page

The 100 max record limit available in the builder is to ensure page load speeds are not too high. Every time a user navigates away and back to the page it would have to load 1000 records.
I seem to recall a conversation with Knack a few years ago about the 100 record limit being introduced because of this issue.
What is the use case that you’d need to see 1000 records per page?
Could you not create a search page so the user can create their own parameter queries?