Records per Page Limitations

In the Builder the default of 25 records per page when viewing objects is never adequate. I can't think of a reason to limit the number of records displayed from a user experience viewpoint. I suggest starting with 1000 and going to 'show all records'.

My App is in early days and I already have one object containing over 3500 records, which builds to 7500 records every two months because of unused records accumulating. Because of the 1000 record limit I have to run a DELETE job 4 times to get rid of the excess records.

In my Live App, although the starting number of records displayed can be larger, it isn't large enough. One of my views shows time entries for several people. These records accumulate at the rate of 10-20 per workday in that view. After just six months my App's users can't get a total for all their records unless they export them and set up an equation. Again, I can't think of a UX reason for the limitation. I suggest increasing to a top limit of 'show all records' or at least 10,000.

Please, please - I also REALLY need to be able to select a SHOW ALL for my tables, etc.