Increase selection of pagination

It would be great to have the possibility to choose "View all" in the "Options/Pagination" dropdown box for tables. I know this could possibly lead to a very long wait for the records to be displayed...but that is then up to the developer to decide.

The challenge now is that i have users that think they are looking all records, even though they are only looking at the 100 first records. The selection box for the number of records is kind of hidden away a little bit.


Hi Jens,

I understand where you are coming from for this kind of thing, but its not a good idea from an application perspective. Imagine if there were 200,000 records in a table - it would take longer than 5 minutes to transfer the data and the browser would probably break when rendering and could potentially slow down other requests from other users of the system. You need pagination to have reasonable response times, not cause delays for other users of the system and also to provide data in meaningful chunks to users - looking at 500 or a 1000+ records at a time becomes awkward for a person to review.

You can alter the CSS of the selection box for the number of records to make it bigger if desired.