Help with CSS, set max row height on table

Hi all, I am trying to set the maximum row height for a table, and I tried some CSS and got what I think was a workable solution. I hardcoded the column #’s, and I thought if I specified the view ID, it would limit it to view_284

#view_284 span.col-15, span.col-16, span.col-19 {

height: 60px; max-height: 60px; overflow-y: scroll;


Except when I checked other tables on different pages/views, that also had a column 15, 16, 19 it affected those pages as well. Is there a way I can tweak my CSS to limit the height bit only on certain tables or views? From what I can see online, the best place the apply the height attributes is on a span object, but allof the span objects are unnamed in my table.

What should work is:
#view_284 span.col-15, #view_284 span.col-16, #view_284 span.col-19 {


Thank you @DeanBozzan62116 that was exactly what I was looking for. My CSS skills are definitely lacking.

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Hi Gerry
Can I use CSS to restrict row height on all tables across the app?

#view_XX tr {

Change pixel height to your needs