Server problems with saving changes, text formulas etc

I’ve been using Knack pretty non-stop now for the last 48 hours or so and I keep running into what appear to be little glitches with the server. Is this common? This worries me. Should it?


  • Sometimes I’ll make a change in the builder and when I try to save the change I get a red error notice at the top center of my browser window that says There has been a network error. Please try again or contact support…
  • I’ve also had a lot of trouble with text formulas. I write a text formula, save it, and nothing happens: The formula field doesn’t return and display a result. Several times this has happened and it leads me to think I’ve made a mistake, so I recheck the formula repeatedly, look at the formula reference, etc. Then about five or ten minutes later, suddenly the field gets populated with results.

For the record: This is a tiny database. Three tables, with a total right now about about 20 records. My hope is that these problems have nothing to do with the size of the app because if it gets worse when I have hundreds or thousands of records in the app, well, that would be a fatal problem. :frowning:

Anyway, hoping somebody can say something encouraging!

Hey @WilliamPorter

1 - The network error message is a known issue and has been reported by many on various occasions. I was recently introduced to a plug by another developer on the Knack Partner Slack channel.
It works on Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox

A number of us use this as it automatically retries when you get a server errror. The red popup is replaced by an orange message.

I have raised this issue and been informed that it mainly affects users outside the U.K. This is obviously not the case so I’d recommend raising a ticket to to highlight it again.

At this time, it’s just one of Knacks quirks but the plugin smooths out the interruption and retries and saves, give it a go. Only works on chromium based browsers, so not safari.

There is no need to worry about scaling or quantity of records. Many of us have applications with hundreds of thousands of records. My largest client app has 350,000 records, over 160 objects and 1,800+ users.

Rest assured that this is a legacy bug and has no impact on scaleability or application performance.

I’ve also highlighted your concerns back to the Knack Partner Slack channel thread.

2 - Text Formula fields don’t update the existing records immediately when you add to an existing object. The update is queued on AWS hence why there is a 5-10 min delay.

If you add a new record the text formula will update immediately, as expected.

Like me, you want to make sure the text formula or number formula is working. To get around this simply update a record. I normally click into the date added or a name field and resubmit, this forces a record update and in turn updates the formula.

When building a new client application I’ll likely have 20-50 test records in an object, like you state. To force an update on all I use the following workaround.

Add a Multichoice field at the bottom of the object stack called “UPDATE”. Leave the options in the multichoice as default. “First choice, Second choice, Third choice”.

You can now run a record update in the object and change the UPDATE field to one of the choices. This will then cycle through each record updating and forcing the text formula to write.

If you’re just trying the prove that the text formula is correct, use the first method of just editing a record in the building and submitting to force the update. Often I’ll just prove that it works and go do something else in Knack while it updates the other records.

If more urgent, I’ll force an UPDATE with the multichoice option.

Thanks one more time, Carl. Lots of good tips here that I’ll study tomorrow. And I’ll look for that extension. I use Edge(Chromium) so expect it will work. Thanks!

And this time I remembered to mark your response as the solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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