Scheduled Tasks - Summarise in a Table

It would be really useful (for me at least) to be able to setup a scheduled task that summarised the results in a table containing the information of many records rather than sending out multiple emails that would have to be opened individually.

One example would be for say a "LIVE HIRE" register where a daily report could be sent out to managers to ensure that all equipment on hire is still required.

Definitely needed.

Did anyone find a way to do this?

I would also really like a way to send users a list of their open tasks on recurring intervals instead of them receiving a bunch of emails (one for each item). Please advice.

Zapier's digest feature doesn't exactly fit the bill. The ability to send one email for all records fitting a specific criteria - i.e. all form entries by a specific user today - rather than a separate email for each would be very helpful.

Christopher, thanks for this, I will have a look and see.

Roger, a work around might be something like Zapier's digest feature. In theory, you could create a zapier email that receives knack notifications, and then formats them into a digest... not sure how many people this would need to be sent to.