Emails on tasks assigned (but not through forms)

I have a task list with responsibles. As new tasks are added through a form, notification mails are sent to responsibles.

Challenge: The users now update the task status and also reassigns the tasks through inline editing in tables - as this is the fastest way for them to handle and update the tasks.

How do I create some way of notifying users that get assigned tasks this way that they have new tasks? - When users are reassigning existing tasks to them through inline editing in tables?

Yes, I managed to solve this, using Zapier. Knack sends mails to Zapier, stores them on lists (digests) and the releases those digests into single emails to the responsible. This way, users receive only one email/week with a digest of all open items they are responsible for.

Be aware though, that this solution "burns" a lot of credits with Zapier and effectively ends up costing just as much as the entire Knack platform usage - just for this one action...

This is an older thread, but it is possible to do what you are trying to do with Zapier. You just have to add a filter to your zap. that way it only continues if the filter is true.

@Jens Nasholm, thanks for the fast reply - I guess you're right. I have already been looking into Zapier and also the digest feature that could potentially also solve the problem with getting one email pr. record instead of a list of records in one email. However, I have been unable to find a way to filter and also send mails to others than myself (the logged in Zapier user).

Can you confirm that it's possible with Zapier to make it send emails to an address field in the changed record?


I would suggest you use and an email service to send emails every time the table is updated. You can add a filter to only send the email at certain conditions.

I'm quite sure there is no simple way of doing it natively in Knack as you are using inline edits.

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