Create Update Digests?

We use Knack as the backend database in our local village website which runs on Squarespace.

We use Knack to track businesses, orgs, events and news items in the village. 

We would like to send out an email (once a week) that lists new businesses, orgs, news items and events that have been added to Knack. 

Has anyone done anything similar to this?

Happy to leverage something like "MailChimp". Just need to know: 

  • Which records have been added (updated too?) that week?
  • Sending out a "human readable" list of the items that have changed...

Any suggestions most welcome - Thanks!


Justin / DZ, you have several options here if you use Zapier. 

Zapier has a built in "digest" feature, with various options for releasing it (email, slack, etc)

Additionally, Zapier can create an RSS feed - you can have it trigger on your new or updated record, then add the info to a feed. That feed can be used in mailchimp to create an RSS campaign.

Webmerge DOES work, but depending on what you're trying to do, the above options may be more effective


Thanks Justin!

The big challenge here will be that knack will trigger events, tasks and notifications on one record's value and  give you access to that record's field values. In order to get an array of values, the only easy solution I've found is Webmerge. Here is a helpful article. 

You could do a 3 step zap where you push a button once a week within knack that sends the data in your table to webmerge - the output of webmerge is then sent to a mailing list app for distribution.

This solution assumes that each mailing will relate to one object's records. ie. (events this week) If you want the email to have multiple lists of records (from multiple objects) then you will need to hire a good coder or do it manually each week. 


Hope this helps :)