Knack, Zapier and Email Digest?

Our site ( uses Knack to manage the village directory, news and events. I would like to do the following:

  1. Using MailCHimp (or something similar) create a mail list so folks can signup to get updates when records are added to the site.
  2. Once a day (or once a week) notify folks who have signed up for an "email update / digest" that a new organization, event or news items has been added to the site. I assume I can use something like MailChimp to do this...
  3. What I need to do is once a day (or once a week) run a query to see what has been added (or updated) and then send an email to the list with a list/table of all new organizations, news or events.

I am thinking I could do something using MailChimp, Knack and Zapier? Other ideas are welcome....

We do not have the "Pro" membership so "tasks" are not an option... :-(

I am looking at both Zapier and Integromat and will see what I can do.

I also think I could dump records into a Googlesheet (one for daily and one for weekly) and then link that to a service like SendGrid or Mailchimp.


You could do most of this using Knack (using Tasks which are available in a Pro plan and above). The bit that may not work would be to list the items added since the previous email was sent.

Probably the best tool for this would be Integromat which would allow you to create a 'Scenario' running periodically, loop through all the new items to create the body of your email and then through all the subscribers to send an email to each of them. This is all very user friendly 'drag and drop' set up!

You could also look into Zapier's Digest feature which would allow you to build up a 'digest' of all the additions between emails and then release this and send the result in the body of an email to everyone. The only difficulty would be then getting it to cycle through all the subscribers and send the message.

For a comparison of Zapier and Integromat please see this article on my blog.

Hope this helps!