Has anyone integrated a mailing list?

Any thoughts on integrating a mailing list (MailChimp, for example)? I have a newsletter opt-in checkbox for new users, and I'd love to automate the process of adding them to a list. Right now, I need to export them from Knack and import manually. Which is a pain in the ass and not scalable.

My original kludge idea was to kick out an email to the mailing list provider, and use that message to add the user to the subscriber list. But none of the big mailing list managers offer that. (I guess it's an FTC/opt-in thing.) You have to use their forms or hook into their API.

Any ideas? Can Knack kick out a data packet upon user sign-up, which I can then hook into a mailing list manager API?

Yes, please, that would be awesome!

Yeah this would be cool to have.

Zapier would be an OK solution, but it would be a great idea to be able to issue an API call/REST call the same way you trigger an email. Actually, this would be very significant. I need to link with several other services, including an IVR and various data sources.

Thanks, Karainier. I'll look into it.

I think zapier can hook the two apps together if you’d like a prepackaged solution.