Email Distribution Lists

I would like to see a feature where a bulk email could be sent to a group of users using a designated email address.

So for example, if I wanted to send an email to all of my users with user role of "Group A", I (and only I, as the administrator) could send my message to ""

Each time a new user is added, they are automatically included when the next email to "" goes out.

Has anyone found a solution for this? I'm looking into using eMail Dodo but it would be great if there's a Zapier for managing distribution groups or some other easier way to manage distribution groups. 

I'm not looking for Knack to do the actual emailing, but wondering if there is an easy way to grab all the email addresses of people from Group A. I know I can filter my full list by people who are part of Group A and then export and then copy/paste the email column into my email. But it would be nice to grab them directly from Knack to copy/paste. Or have some way to maintain and view these various groups/ distribution lists without using a separate application.

Hey Brandon,

I fully understand your concern regarding this, and see the huge amount of work to try and "copy" a mailchimp solution in KnackHQ...i think your resources are better utilised elsewhere!! 

The challenge i have with using an external mailsystem is the interface between KnackHQ and the external system. I have tried to use Zapier, but i haven't found a Zapier App that has "Actions" that cover what is needed for this i think. Then the other challenge, in my case, is that i don't want my users to have to login to yet another tool to send emails to lists...a simple email from within my Knack App should work fine.

So my solution is Mailman and i am using their "email robot" to subscribe and unsubscribe...and then sending an email to the mailinglist email adress to distribute it. However, the management of the list members is a bit of a nightmare.

Still looking for that Zapier app for a good emailinglist software.

Keep up the good work,


We use the tasks feature to send emails to set groups of users now. It’s not perfect, but with the “run now” option recently added and the improved scheduling options, it’s better than it was before.


Hi there,

Did you ever come up with a solution only using KnackHQ for this? I am using a complex email integration with Mailman that is not working particularly well.


Along those lines allowing email to connections with many entities - e.g. many users connected to one record all receive an email on a form submission.