Running of Tasks

Hi everyone, can anyone provide some insight into how tasks work? I have been using tasks, but I am experiencing an issue where I created task to add a new record but that doesn’t seem to work. I even run it manually and no new record was created.

To put it simply, the tasks run daily and generate a new record under the following conditions: when the days before the anniversary is 302, it adds the employee, generates a review type, and sets a status.

Would appreciate any advice or guidance on this matter. Thank you.


Hi @RonB, not sure how you calculate “DaysBeforeAnniversary”. Could it be a rounding issue? Have you already tried “higher/lower than” instead of “is”?


I see Update this record in your action. This will not create a new record.
I think maybe you want to use Insert a connected record instead - if that’s possible and would work for you?