Task Automation

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. How can we automate the creation of new records for employees whose anniversary dates are approaching, say within two weeks of the anniversary date? Is it possible using tasks? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @RonB,

using (i) two columns LastBirthday and NextBirthday (equation field referring to LastBirthday) and (ii) an equation field calculting the difference [days] between NextBirthday and CurrentTime()

prepares the framework for two tasks:

  1. The first task inserts a connected record when the difference is below a preset threshold [days]
  2. The seconding task starts a little later and updates the field LastBirthday with NextBirthday

Hello @Wolfgang_Brötz, thank you for your time. Currently, this works only for birthdays from last year. I’m seeking a dynamic solution where the next birthday is calculated, accounting for any birthdays in or after the year 2012 for example which may not work with the current solution.

Hello Ron,

In that case use below.

Sunny Singla