Equation Calculation for Work Days

As a Knack builder, I want to calculate the number of business days between two date fields, so that I can accurately report on time spent working.

Well this was a surprise to me! Was a very subtle announcement for such a great feature:

Glad to see this was addressed. Thanks Team Knack. :)

Thanks for the solution Jessie, but I believe this is aimed at a scenario where each date is an individual record.

I should probably reiterate:

One object called Task.
Task object has the fields Start Date and Finish Date.
Ideally, the Task object would have an equation field called Work Days that measures the number of business days between {Task.StartDate} and {Task.FinishDate}.

Another object called Project.
Project has many Tasks.
Project has a field to sum {Task.WorkDays}.

It would also be useful if the calculation were able to take other non-work days into account (public holidays).

Second this.

I would love a feature that enables date calculations by working days rather than 7 day weeks - this would be great for us to record vacation days needed etc.

:broom: Housekeeping! Closing this one out, as we released a netWorkDays numeric equation function some time ago.