Calculating duration between appointment times in knack

I am trying to create an equation field to capture the amount of time from when a record is created and when a status field is changed to “Scheduled”. I have a “date/time created” field and a “appointment date/time” field. Both fields settings are set to display date and time.

I need to calculate the number of work hours between these two fields. Work hours are considered as 8am to 6pm daily, Monday to Friday.

Does anyone know of a solution to complete this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out to us! This can be done by using two Date Equations:

  1. Calculating the number of hours (date created + appointment date)
  2. Calculating the number of days and multiplying it by 14 (these are non-business hours)

Then subtract the result of #1 - #2

Equation 1 will count every hour, not just 8am to 6pm, so equation 2 will count the number of non-business hours and multiplying them by the number of days so that you can then take those non-business hours from the equation 1

Please let us know if you have further questions!

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This doesn’t look like it works. The first step doesn’t generate the correct result. I have an equation field with the equation type set to date and in the equation editor I have: {Date Created}+{Appointment Date}

The amount of time is way off. For example, I have a record with a date created of 05/22/2023 3:32pm and an appointment date of 05/23/2023 1:00am and the result of the equation is 935,992.53.

Hey Ryan

Can you please pop us a support ticket so that we can go in and check these fields for you and work something out?

i have the same question so would appreciate any answers…

I have two time and date fields - start and end

I have selected the following:

Equation Type

Date Type

Result Type:

then in equation
{End time} - {start time}

but the answer i get is in the thousands - which even if seconds is totally incorrect