Rota Form

I am working on implementing a ‘rota’/scheduling function into Knack. I have a grid that shows all available shifts for a specific contract, I’d then like them to be able to view the shift & allocate two staff members.

This part I can do easily. However, I’d like to send emails to the staff members if they are added and/or removed from the shift. The added part is easy - but is there a way to detect if the staff member is removed and send an email?

Also - is it possible to only allocate if the staff members meet specific criteria (i.e., have a specific qualification/job title)?

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

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We do something similar with text messages. The first piece is you need a status field with values like assigned and removed on the work record. When a person is assigned to a work record, we use Make an automation tool to identify the record and send a text message through a texting app. We use TextMagic for that.

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Thank you for the response Scott - how do you get the system to tell the difference between someone being assigned/removed?

The dropdown pulls from a list of all accounts - so I’m not sure how to grab someone when they’re removed.

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The solution I’m describing assumes the grid is already set up with dates, the contract etc. You are then simply assigning or removing workers from the records that are already in place.

I recommend you have a filter that shows 3 different options on the grid; all, assigned, and removed. This is just so you can easily see how things look by tabbing between them.

The options will be a status field that has 2 different values, ‘assigned’ and ‘removed’. To assign someone to a slot, set an action column up and link it to a form with a rule that changes the value to ‘assigned’ and also adds that person’s name to the record. You then do something similar with another action column linked to another form that changes the value to ‘removed’ and leaves the person’s name in place. You can add the email step to each rule so a person automatically receives an email when the status changes to ‘added’ or ‘removed’. I tried to attach a screen shot of what our app looks like with the actions on the far right. “Request Time” sends a text message asking the worker to update their time for the job. “Push Text” sends a text message to the worker providing all the details regarding the job, address, special notes etc.


Thank you for the response again. I believe I’ve gone about it in a completely different way, but the emails are now sent on allocation/de-allocation alongside an audit trail for changes to the shifts. Thank you for the point in the right direction.

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