Auto-Assign Value Based on Form Selection

I am in the process of creating a Help Desk app for the library I work at. I have a form set up for staff to submit their tickets. Right now they select between two Service Departments, Facilities or LAS (LAS is essentially Library IT). Depending on what they select for the department they need to help them, they get shown certain Service Categories (its own child table) that correspond to that department (i.e., Facilities tickets only show maintenance categories and LAS tickets only show computer-related categories). From the selection of Category they are then shown only certain Services (a child table to categories). All that works great. Here is the problem: I want Knack to auto-assign (or fill in) a field called Assignee (not visible on the form) based on the Service and email that assignee, and email a group of recipients based on the Category when the form is submitted.

In this example, because of what is selected (and lets pretend staff have pressed Submit on this ticket), I want Knack to email users Jordan, Pamela, and Mary because the Category is “CARLX” and then Knack should “assign” or fill in the Assignee field for this ticket (behind the scenes) to user Jordan because the Service is “Serials.”

Below are my Tables and User Roles. I have played with Connections - I connected Services to Accounts as One Account to Many Services and Service Categories to Accounts as Many to Many. I already have the Ticket connected to Account so it captures who submitted the ticket, but I’m not sure how to make the connection to tell it to now fill in the “Assignment” field with a different staff member that is listed in the Services table. I made a Table called Assignments (which I Connected to everything under the sun it seems) and tried to capture the Assignee, Category and Ticket in a log fashion, but it would only capture the Assignee, so then I was left with a table full of records with just a name and nothing else. I messed with every Record Rule option combination I could, but I can’t seem to get it to work where Knack looks at the Service selection and automatically fills in User X based on that. Can someone help me get going in the right direction? I am stumbling and when I make one part work then nothing else works the way it should. Getting the assignment part is the most important and I figure once I have that figured out, I will just replicate it with the group email scenario.

Hey Jordan1,

This looks really interesting!

You can set fields within a table when a form is selected with record rules. Although depending on the setup we could also use conditional rules to set a field based on the selection.

We would love to take a closer look into your setup and assist. Feel free to send a ticket to or our in-builder support window with your app URL.

Looking forward to taking a look into this. We are here to help!