Record Rule is overwriting value entered in form

Hi everyone,
I have used Knack to build out a ticketing system. I have a Record Rule to assign the ticket to the logged-in user that created the ticket.
There is also a Record Rule set to automatically assign users to the ticket based on which category was selected. Finally, there is an Email Rule to send an email to everyone assigned to the ticket.
The problem is that sometimes my users need to manually assign another person when creating the ticket. If they fill out the Assigned To field when creating the ticket, the first Record Rule (that assigns the logged-in user) wipes out anything in that field.
See the picture below. In Record Rule #1 I only have the option to set Assigned To to the logged-in user.
In Record Rule #2 I can add to Assigned To without overwriting what was previously set.
Any ideas on how I can add the logged-in user without overwriting what was manually entered?

Hello Joshua,

Just add criteria. if value this field is blank then update the value.

Sunny Singla

I created a video to better show what I am trying to do.

Thank you Sunny, but I don’t see the option to update the value with the logged-in user. It seems it can only set the value for the logged-in user, not update.

click add criteria

Ok I see what you are saying. That would allow the user to manually add other people and not have record overwritten by the rule.
However I still need to automatically add the logged-in user.

Hello Joshua,

Understand so you want to add multiple. One added by user manually and other logged in user.

I think this is not possible using knack in-build functionality. Without javascript it’s not possible.

Or you can create one more field. where you can update logged in user

Sunny Singla