Resequence View #s

Is there a way to re-assign a view to another #?

As I am building out my app, of course, I am adding, deleting and recreating VIEWs on my page. Ultimately the VIEW #s are quickly growing and are in no particular order. I would like to renumber my VIEWs. For example, for my New Employee page, I would like the number to be:

..../scene_337/views/view_100 (for the Add form)

..../scene_338/views/view_101 (for the Edit form)

..../scene_487/views/view_102 (for the Detail form)

This would also help me in my documentation and maintenance of my application. It would also alow me to manage my CSS code writing/documentation much better.

If this is possible, then my next question is if I could do the same thing with the SCENE #s?