Restore the ability to change view names

In the new builder it’s impossible to change the names of your views. What if I change the name of the object that the view is associated with? The view will still have the old name, and there’s nothing I can do except recreate every view that has the name! It gets really bad if I then add another object using the first object’s old name. Now I have views that are associated with one object but have the name of another. That’s crazy confusing.

To me this is a pretty big issue and should be addressed ASAP because it’s strikes at the core of the way the application works. You have to be able to name the things you create. There’s no way around it.

In case anybody's browsing this, this feature was restored.


I agree, appears to have been removed.



Sara, you can change the name of PAGES, but you cannot change the name of VIEWS. The pages are what are listed in the black sidebar on the left. The views are the actual tables, menus, lists etc inside each page. You can change the title and description that shows up in the live view, but in your builder your view names cannot be changes.

Am I mistaken? To change the name of a view, click on the view in the Pages pane. This will display the ‘gear’ icon. When you click the icon, it displays the name change page. Is this what you’re seeking?