Find a view

if I’ve been advised to change a view, but only been given the view number - how do I find that in the builder please?

eg: “view_152”


Andrew Steele.

Hi @andrewstee38626,

While on the page in the Builder that the view exists on, you can replace the view key found in the URL with the view key you need to access. With your example view key, I would replace the “93” highlighted in the URL with “152”, and that would navigate you to the view’s settings:

If you don’t already know what page/scene the view exists on, you can reach out to our support team who will be happy to provide that for you via this link here.

Happy Friday :slight_smile:

Hi @andrewstee38626

Without the scene number it would be quite difficult, are you able to get it? If you can get the scene then you can put it in your builder url after the /pages/.

One tool you could use is this app:

You can use it to see all your views, search for you view then click on the link to the view in the builder.


Hi Craig,
yes Ive tried the “definitions” app but cant find the view.

Here’s a short gif of how you can find the view/scene using the above app @CSWinnall shared:
2024-05-17_08-27-06 (1)

If after typing in “view_152” returns no results, then it’s likely the view key you’ve been given doesn’t exist in the app.


thanks, I@ll have another go with definitions.

Here’s another awesome tool created by the Knackers in Austin…
(can’t remember who - probably on an old forum post on here from about 4 years ago or longer)

Quite amazing little tool… great for finding views and scenes

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Sweet! I didn’t know this is existed! Thanks for posting. I’m bookmarking it now for future use.

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