Change View Names & Find View Numbers

I have several views on the same page with generic names of the data they show; at the time of building I didn’t realise the difference between the view name for page rules and the title it has on the page!

Is there a way to change the view names so that its easier to locate the ones I want to Show or Hide based on Page Rules.

Also, is there an easier way to find the view number for CSS rules than using the inspect function and hunting through the code?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

In fact - I have just taken my “monkey with a typewriter” approach (ie keep clicking random things till I find what I’m looking for!) and discovered I can do the first by toggling the label icon on the top tool bar and then editing the view label.

For anyone else who needs to know this - see screenshot below:

However, I WOULD still like to know how to easily locate the view number for CSS coding.

Many thanks

Click on the view and then look at the browser’s url (in Builder mode).

Aha! Thanks Peter… I knew there must be a simple way :grin: