Records available to two different groups

I have an application I’m working on. The idea is to have users sign up to cover a specific shift - AM or PM for a specific day.

I have a group set up for them, as well as a log-in.

I have a calendar where they can see their records as well as other peoples - they need both so they can change their info, while seeing a bigger picture of what shifts are open. The idea is for them to click on a day, bring up a form to select their shift and save.

I can click to add, and get the popup. However, when the agent clicks and adds a record the agent is not in the record. I don’t want to give them an “Agent” selection, since they could assign the shift to someone else.

The screen shows me as logged in, but it still doesn’t store the agent.

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This is a great question and thank you for sharing!

I setup a simple mock app to see how this could be done, and using an Action Link in the Event Details (shift details) within your Calendar view may work for you scenario:

Here are some requirements in order to have this workflow:

  • You will need a connection field to your “Employees” user role table in your main table that holds your shift records.

  • The page that your Calendar view exists in will need to be protected by a login. (It seems you have already set the page up that way based on your post.)

I hope this information helps and leads you in the right direction, but if you would like further assistance, please reach out to our support team via the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form. They will be happy to assist you!

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Thank you. I do have a connection from my agents to the floor duty records.

This is what I have set up. There are no preestablished shifts, i.e. it’s all open - (although in the future I’d like to enforce unique records by office/date/shift to assure that two people don’t take the same shift). So anyone can sign-up for any shift.

And if I click on the calendar I get this pop-up, which is what I want. However when I fill in information the Agent is always blank.

I had this working at one time in an earlier version - the records were restricted to the person logged in, but I changed something…

Thank you for sharing the additional details!

If I’m understanding your setup correctly, the Agent will not be populated into your Floor Duty records unless you include that connection field in the Form or add an Action Link to the Event Details to update the record. You would think that it should, right? However, your database doesn’t know to input the logged-in user (Agent) value to the connection field without implementing either of those two solutions mentioned above (connection field input or action link).

You mentioned that you would not like to allow Agents to select their name to avoid them having the ability to select other Agents other than themselves, so I believe that an Action Link is the way to go to accomplish your goal. You can input an action link directly in your Event Details by going into the Calendar View’s settings > Event Details > Add Details (Actions) > Trigger an action. This way, users can login to the page with the Calendar view, select a Floor Duty record from the calendar to view the details of the record, and then, click on the Action Link to assign themselves to the shift.

I hope this info helps, but if you need help setting that up, reaching out to the support team will be best since they will be able to take a look at your app and current setup directly and give you more detailed advice.

Have a great rest of your week!

Thank you for the assistance I’ll reach out to support. I tried the action but still got blank, so I’m thinking the connection isn’t doing what I think. I miss the old days of adding a breakpoint in code and looking at variables - I need my new skillset in place soon - lol… It’s a little like original RPG, trying to anticipate the machine cycle… Still it’s fun.

Thank you again,

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