Multiple records submitted using one form

I am trying to create a form my providers can submit to track their encounters with their clients and the length of each session. Which also serves as an invoice.

Essentially, each client is given an authorization number with a start/end date. Between those spans of dates, our provider’s schedule varies sessions.

Right now I have a form (attached) that pulls data specific to the provider and their client list. Also, as of now, they are only able to submit one ‘encounter date’ at a time.

I would like to find a way that they would be able to submit multiple ‘encounter dates’ and 'total session hours" utilizing one form. More specifically, when submitted each ‘encounter date’ is recorded as individual data entries (rows)

Hello Joseph,

Crate another object with multiple inputs (encounter date 1, encounter date 2 …etc) when they fill value than on submit rule insert records for each fill value in the existing object.

Sunny Singla

Hello @Joseph5,

is it that you need flexibility to capture an initially unknown number of encounters as individual data entries?

I came across a similar situation for a digital time clock (; pw = “Puncher”).

An “Employee” table is 1:n-connected with a “Shift” table.

The search function requires an exact match to access the employee’s time account. The green button records the start time, the red button creates a connected record in the “Shift” table.

Maybe, a variation of “Shifts” into “Encounters” would work for you.

I’m not sure this would work. Each submission encounter submitted has a row of data to include, authorization number, type of service (face-to-face or telehealth), the date of service (encounter), total hours per session, additionally uploading their original encounter form.

I’m trying to create a form where all the there information is present. Each date of service can put inputted and its matching length of service on one form all the while when submitted the form will separate each date of service/length of service (hrs) has separate object rows while maintaining all the same authorization number.

Adding more input field (encounter 1, encounter 2, etc) would simply tie each encounter onto one object row. I think.

The encounters ore dates.

For Instance, if i performed a session today I would submit the following information to my form.

Select authorization Number:
Select Type of Service: Face to Face or Telehealth
Select Provider (Employee)
Enter Date of Service
Enter Length of Session
Upload Encounter Form
Upload Progress note

My problem is that each authorization number can be reused multiple times for multiple dates of service. (Let says 6 times). Right now, if I were to to submit an encounter I could only submit one encounter at a time.

I would like to be able to submit more than one dates of service at once . (let’s say all six). The issue is being able to submit more then one date of service that will automatically separate each date of service and length of time as separate object rows while maintaining the same authorization number, type of service, selected provider, and uploaded forms in each object row.

I am confused about the relation between your objects.

Is it that you are looking for a 1:n connection between the objects "auth number " and “session”? If so, you could count the number of connected “Sessions” in your “Auth number” object. Whenever this count exceeds a threshold, a page rule will hide the form for adding another “Session”.