Need help building forms with multiple objects

I am building an app for a company that provides loans for attorney clients.

The lender will be filling out the 'Intake' form for each new client.

Each client will be linked to one law firm. Each client can have multiple loans.

So, I have set up the Objects of Clients, Firms, Advances, and Payments (records payments made by clients, and subtracts from the Payout amount of the loan. Unless I should include this in the Advances Object?)

So, I want to create the Intake form to be multi step. Step 1 would be the client info, linking to the Clients Object, then step 2 would be the Advance (loan) information that links to the Advances Object, which links to the Client. Right now, I just have the Submit rule to forward to an existing page, being the Advances page, where they will fill out the Loan amounts, rate, etc. Is there a way to automatically bring in the Client ID so that they don't have to find the Client ID for that 2nd step?



I figured this one out, by creating a sub page on form submit for the intake form, and linking the intake page to that new sub page.