Assign forms based on answers from another form

I am creating an app that gathers information from buyers and sellers of properties. Due to how complex a property sale is we have to ask a lot of questions based on the sellers' circumstances. To determine what information to request from a seller we have them fill out a survey that has questions like "are there any loans, is there more than one seller? was there a name change?" and so on. Depending on how many "YES" answers we get can make a seller have to fill out upwards of 12 different sets of questions and different documentation for each.

I know i can probably make this into a multi-page form but some of the "sub-forms" have their own "sub-forms" in them. Such as many properties have more than 1 loan on them. So the loan question page would need the ability to add more than 1 loan with the associated fields for each loan. Hope this makes sense.

How should I approach this?

hi Chris im an estate agent and do the same. i have created using knack. please feel free to contact me email im sure i can help - i already have NAEA PIQ built in, is that what your trying to do?