New to Knack - duplicating forms

Hi Knack Community

I'm brand new to Knack and I'm nearing the end of my 14 day trial period. Will probably pay something to keep working on my app for now.

Anyways, the question is this: I seem to be duplicating a bunch of work over and over as I add new Pages to my app. While what follows isn't what my app is about, you might imagine the scenario where the app is generating orders (and then following them). A client might be able to make a request for an order through the app. Then the client might be able to come back and edit the order. And the client might be able to access the order through, perhaps a table listing projects or else a table listing all orders. For me that would be coming out as a Form for New Order and then an Edit Order form under the table for Projects and a third Edit Order form under the table listing all Orders.

Then you might have a sales person adding a New Order and other Edit Order forms in other parts of the app, but essentially all the of the New Orders and Edit Orders are the same form (with Edit even being the same as a New form but in relation to a particular record already existing in the object) just accessed from different parts of the app. If I try copy/paste for a particular page or form, it doesn't seem to offer the appropriate connections, say, within the table when I try to Link to an existing page...

Of course, when the Client accesses the orders, the client wants to see only orders connected to themselves, while the sales person might want to see either all orders or else clients connected to themselves as the salesperson.

No idea if that was clear enough, but hopefully. Gotta run back to my other, real job!