Global or Re-usable views

I have so many forms for the exact same thing throughout my app and every time we add a new field I have to update all of them…

It would be really nice if we could have a global view or even be able to render a view via the API.

If you have the same form throughout your app you could link to just one of the views and use that as the master one therefore only updating once. This works only if all users can get to it due to user role permissions.
Typically, if you copy a table to an new section you get copied edit and details pages. This can mean that you have several that are identical and need updating when you make a change.
The below knowledge base article explains in more detail.
I apologise if you already know this and I’m missing the point. :laughing:


Carl, If I have a form to add new orders to my database which is quite complex, and I want to use that same form as my “Edit Order” form how can I copy that form to a new form where I can edit the specific record. I know how to actually copy it, just can’t get it to pull in the data…

Not sure I understand your explanation. Add forms are obviously different to edit forms. Depending on the page structure you should be able to link to existing add, edit and details forms.

An Example of this would be, I most use knack for event registration.

In most cases a parent or guardian is registering their child, they go through the registration process and add their child’s information via form.

In there account information they can also add a child, since this is not part of the registration process, it is a separate form.

Our administrators can add a child to an account for the parent, since they are logged in to the admin section of the app it is a different form.

Any time there is a change to this form I have to update it everywhere.