Ability to define Add / Edit views together

Currently in Knack, I have to create and manage separate add and edit views. For many use cases, I want the Add and Edit views to match in every way. Having to manage them separately is time consuming and, more seriously, introduces the possibility of the Add / Edit views differing in some important way (e.g. missing a critical field on the edit view).

This request was marked as implemented but I don't understand how it would work. The request was for a mechanism to reuse views in Add, Edit, and View modes. The example provides a way to keep the same layout for an Edit from anywhere in the app, but I don't see how to reuse that same view for Adding and Viewing.

Beyond liking this, I feel like I need to say something--  I have multiple ways of viewing a series of records (3 pre-filtered tables and a calendar), and for each one of these views, I have to manage a separate "View" and "Edit" form.  Like Will, we depend on consistency, and, regardless of how the record is found, I need the View and Edit forms to look the same.

Of course, this isn't impossible now, but there's definitely the opportunity to improve the user experience (for builders) by providing a "Master" sheet for these things, and linking all instances back to that master.