Creating Multiple Records with Forms

We use a database to track our service completed in units in apartment buildings. Our customers enter their requests and we update our service completed so they can view reports for each unit.

I’m looking to create a mobile-friendly form to use when we do inspections of entire buildings. We will not know he unit numbers first.

I have tried cognitoforms, and the repeating forms looks exactly like what I’m hoping for. However, I can’t connect it through Zapier because of the way it stores the info.

I need the form to include the building, technician name and date.

Then I need the technician to be able to add as many rows as they may need to enter standard details of their findings for each unit.

I would then like the data to be stored in Knack in each units history.

Is there a program that integrates with Knack that can do this?

Hi Sara

I read your question over the weekend and wondered...

I've used Cognito forms and seen how it works with Zapier to populate databases (including Knack) and thought there must be a way to do this - so I gave it a try (this is a great way to learn) and have written a blog post about it:

Creating Multiple Records from Cognito Forms

In essence, if you use a Zapier Code action to process the data from the form (which is easier than it sounds) then you can add multiple records to your database from the repeating sections in Cognito forms. Even a total non programmer should be able to modify the small Javascript routine to suit their particular needs.