Random Passwords for New Users

I would to have a Random Password function where a new user is immediately prompted to change when first logging into the system. The Random Password function should also be a field that can be included in the email function within forms. This would be similar to what Google Apps does when an admin creates a new user.

Use Case: We have an order entry tool that Sales Reps (a User type) create a custom order under an Account and then send a notice to the customer to login and to view their order. The customer can make payments, print receipts, track order, etc. Every order is setup under an Account, and an Account can have multiple Contacts. Contacts are a level of "User". So right now, when we create a Contact under the Account, we also enter the Contact's email. Unfortunately the contact can't request a new login for Knack when first logging in because their email already exists in the system. The only option is to click on "Forgot Password?" which isn't very intuitive or user friendly.

There are workarounds to this by creating randomly generated passwords and work flows, but this should be a built in default function within Knack.

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