Auto generate user password

How do you guys autogenerate passwords when adding to a user table? I have two types of customers, business customer who will have access to an account section and will register and others customers who’s details we enter in house who currently don’t have a viewable account area but may do in the future. As password is a required field how can I generate a random but strong password? I’m guessing I could somehow use the text equation field? Then have a rule to update the field when the form is submitted.

Also so I can get a bit of a deeper understanding, if this is done by a record rule on submit will it run before the form is submitted so it doesn’t throw a “this field is required” error?


I’ve sent you a direct message on this subject, happy to help if additional information required.

I have used auto generated passwords for a long time in Knack and then had to send them via email, which is far from ideal. The method I sent you eliminates the need by utilising the built in password reset function in the “forgot password” page.