Custom 'Forgot Password' email

I would like to customise the email that is being sent when the user clicks the "Forgot Password?" button on a login form.

Right now Knack sends a plaintext email with a reference to the application's name and a long generated URL redirecting to the password reset page.

Our end users don't even know about the existence of the application, they use its embedded version on our website. So it would be nicer to be able to send a nicely formatted email with a "click me" link instead of the long one...

To add to Adam's request: For an embedded app, where a user wants to reset their password using the "forgot password" function, the emailed reset link sent to the user, when clicked, reverts the user back to the non-embedded version of the app. Wanting to have the reset link return the user back to the embedded app instead, each time.

This feature would be very much appreciated.

Any update on this? How can we better format this email, better yet, mask the “”?

I’m also struggling with this - we have different sets of users who access the app in different ways - the standard reset email sends them all to the same page - which many of them don’t have access to…