Username alternative to email field for logins

Quite often we need to have the login be just a username instead of an email address.

I would like to have this feature in the Knack. Rather than using email address a userid would benefit in many senerio. I wonder why no Knack personal response to these queries?


it's very much needed

Would be useful here too please!

I'd like to request the option to have a non-email related login. I would like to be able to assign logins for a couple clients i have. some of thier staff that use the tool do no have email accounts. i can create bogus email accounts but i would rather have the option to use whatever i'd like to assign.

Yes this would be GREAT.   My staff in my clinic dont all have work email addresses.  I have to make up dummy email addresses on my domain just to give them access.


Thanks for sharing this request! The email requirement is currently set up for security reasons. We have heard some valid use cases for this feature in the past, such as situations where a user does not have access to an email address.

I’d encourage you to explore setting up an app structure that connects logged-in users to a parent object, which is then connected to records. This would allow more than one user to log in and see the same connected data. See: Show Records Connected To The Logged-in User’s Company Or Other Group

For another option, please check out our knowledge base article that may be helpful in some scenarios where a log in is not possible: How to Access Private Records Without a Login

Can you please create the possibility to login with a unique custom field (short text), instead of an email address? I have applications where multiple share one account, but I do not want them to have to put in the email address of someone else. I rather have an account number or code.