Create a customer portal with no password login- email only

I am trying to customize my app knack, give more functionality using integrations with Zapier. Ultimately I want customers to be able to have a portal where they can see quotes, their job schedules and invoices. I need them to login right from their email address link, no need for a password each time they want access to their portal - is there a native way of doing this in knack? So I need integrations? If so, which ones? I saw this in the app Jobber and I a trying to create something similar but with specific details related to my business. If anyone can give me an insight I would appreciate it very much.

Hi @BrunaRego70476, you can do this by creating a page structure that is not nested below a login page.
In relation to your example, create a page structure like so:

Parent page - contains grid of customers, with link to view customer record
Child page - customer record details, including connected invoices, job schedules, invoices

You can then give your customers a link to the child page, which by default would look something like:
However you will want to omit the parent page in the URL, which should look like: This will prevent them from accessing the parent page.

This is definitely not a secure method and I would not usually recommend this to anyone, however if you don’t want to enforce logins, it’s one of the easiest ways to achieve a login-free portal.
Be aware that if anyone has access to that link, they will be able to see that customer’s related data.

Stephen is correct, without a pw it’s not a very secure way to access their info. However, you could also created a public page, and use the Search view. Then tie the search view to their email address. That way there’s no sensitive data on the page by default, and when they type their email, it pops up only their record.

Keep in mind that anyone could type anyone’s email address to view the billing info. One other option to add a ‘tad’ bit more security is have your database generate a unique passcode using a formula…for example the first three letters of their last name and a random 4 digit number. When they type that into the search, it will bring up their billing details with no login required. It would be a bit harder to guess other’s passcodes with this method.

Lastly, for an extra step, you could create a server task that changes their passcodes each day, and you could use a form that only asks for their email. When they type their email, it sends them their passcode for that day that they can use in the above search method. Again, just another layer, but no login required.

Hope that sparks some ideas,