Creating Passwordless Logins for Private Customer Ecosystem in Knack

Hey all,

We’re currently using for a specific, non-public customer ecosystem. Our aim is to provide these customers with a generated, unique link that corresponds to an account we’ve previously set up for them. These accounts are designed to track their voluntary submissions of product interest levels. Notably, our app doesn’t handle sensitive or e-commerce related information.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the access process, lowering the barrier to entry while still maintaining individual tracking of information.

Would anyone have creative suggestions on how to achieve this, whether it’s a solution within or involves external tools?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Craig,

You can simulate a Passwordless Login in different ways.

Here’s one possible approach:

  1. Create a Customers table instead of using Accounts. You’re not using Accounts because those require passwords.
  2. Create a Submissions table. Each Submission connects to a Customer; each Customer connects to many Submissions.
  3. Create a page for each Customer and their Submissions. This will serve as their “profile.”
  4. Share this link with your customer.

If not handling sensitive information, then this level of security could meet your needs. Each customer link is “private” because customer records IDs are virtually unguessable.

However, a more secure approach would be to send the customer a verification code, and make it expire. For example:

  1. Ask the user to enter their email address on a form.
  2. When the form is submitted, send an email to the user that says: “{VERIFICATION CODE} is your verification code. Use this code in the next 5 minutes to securely access your profile.”
  3. Prompt the user for their Verification Code and if the user entered the correct code, redirect them to the content.
  4. Use Page Rules to hide/show the content if the verification code is invalid/expired.

Hope this helps.