Is there a way to give limited access without a login?

Trying to post certain pages behind our website’s paywall without making subscribers login a second time to view the information. I can’t wrap my head around how to achieve this without making the pages public. Is this even possible?

I don’t think so - of course only certain people would be able to see the pages behind the paywall but remember that the native Knack pages would be unsecured if you went this way and you wouldn’t be able to do anything’s related to the ‘logged in-user’.

I’ve not used SSO on any of the projects I’ve worked on - would this work for you.

Just how “non-public” does the page have to be? Could you make the page public but give it a nearly-unguessable Page URL value? See screenshot…

To get that Page URL, I opened my password manager [Bitwarden] and used the password generator feature, but you know, you could ad lib that sort of thing.

Similar to this “semi-secret” approach: a public page with a search view with “exact match” for two columns “user-id” and “pw”. When you provide these access details after the paywall, your customer can always return to the information without a log-in.