How do I Hide Public pages from view on Login pages?

I have an app where 99% of it requires users to be logged in, BUT there are a few pages (Scene_33,  Scene34, & Scene_36) that are embedded in a public site so their page tabs naturally show up on Login Pages even before users have logged in...


Just for cleanness, I need a way to hide the page menu from just the login pages.  Any ideas?

Is this not what you are looking for:

Is this not what you are looking for:

Your welcome Anthony !

Works perfectly!  You're a genius!  Thank you!

Hello Anthony,

try below code 

$(document).on('knack-view-render.any', function (event, view, data) {
if(Knack.getUserAttributes()=="No user found")

if not work then you need to share your app with me or mail me 



Sunny Singla