Power Apps / Power Automate custom connector for Knack

Hi all,

My company is using the MS platform and I need to retrieve data from a Knack database for a Power Apps app. I couldn’t find any connector or custom connector for Knack. Anyone was able to build a custom connector to access Knack API and could point me somewhere? Thanks in advance

Not my area of speciality but you may want to look at Make (formerly Integromat) which enables you to connect Knack to MS products with pre baked modules.


This is a good suggestion. Using Make, we can easily create some simple pipelines to transfer data over to our PBI service dataset for use within the Power Platform. It’s almost like a cheap data warehouse solution and allows for much much easier access than making API calls.

Other workarounds would be to simply use Make to update an Excel sheet on OneDrive or SharePoint, or connect to Knack using dataflow (Power Query). I think using the PBI dataset is a much better solution since all of it is baked together a little better when connecting to a published dataset and because doing full queries against an object with thousands of records rather than doing incremental updates can be quite slow.

It is possible to create a custom connector for Power Apps and Power Automate that allows you to connect to and access data from a Knack application.

To create a custom connector for Knack, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a new custom connector in Power Apps or Power Automate.
  2. Define the connector’s triggers and actions, which will be the operations that the connector will support.
  3. Create a Knack API key, which will be used to authenticate your connector to the Knack application.
  4. In the custom connector’s definition, specify the Knack API key as the connector’s authentication method.
  5. Test the connector to ensure that it is working as expected.

Once you have created the custom connector, you can use it in Power Apps and Power Automate to access data from your Knack application and automate tasks that involve interacting with Knack.

It is also possible to use pre-built connectors for Knack that are available in Power Apps and Power Automate, which can save you the time and effort of creating a custom connector. These pre-built connectors may not provide the same level of customization and flexibility as a custom connector, but they can still be useful for quickly connecting to and accessing data from a Knack application.

Austin Joy

Power Automate Consulting Services