Possible to link text/images in custom emails?

I have several customers using individual apps that are all very similar.
When I create a new app, I copy it from a “template app”.
One time consuming thing when setting up a new app is setting all the new custom email details (Name/Address) and image links each time.
Am wondering if there is any way to define a “From Name”, “From Address”, and Image link somewhere in the app, and then link to them. The end result would be to only have to change these items once during initial setup, instead of every custom email.
Not sure if that made sense?

Hello Craig,

Yes possible to create an object containing that 3 fields (single row) and attached it to all objects where you need that 3 fields as a formula field. By default this new row connected to first row of newly created object

Sunny Singla

Thanks for the reply Sunny,
Sorry to be dumb but I can’t quite follow your steps to achieve this.
Any chance of a little more detail?
Image below of the fields I am trying to link to a common source.

Crete new object first as below.

Add 1 row in that new object.

Create a connection to that object in an existing object and default a first option

Create 3 formula field that fetch common value

But we can’t make From name and email dynamically.

This needs to be static.

Mail body and to email will be dynamic

I try to change from name and email dynamic but not works.

but we can change replay to field dynamic.

Sunny Singla

Got it now!
Thanks so much for that. Really helpful.

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