Please fix function external image files cannot reload

Hope the title gives you a clue.
For a number of years we have had the ability to store the url address of external images in our databases which when displayed in a form etc shows the actual image.

Great functionality for things like personnel, security,membership system.

However if you ever export your database for whatever reason , perhaps to do a global update oon fields which is nigh impossible from within knack, these images files get stored using HTML img tag a bit like this :
<img src-“https://myserver.cov/images/staff/smith-fred.jpg”/src>
all good makes sense BUT
if for example you wish to change the image data say to reflect a later version of an image like:
you then encounter 2 problems

  1. KNACK won’t reimport in the format it exported the URL with the img tag data around it
  2. it won’t even if you leave the img tag info off.
    yet put it directly in to the databae the string used in 2. works totally fine,

This has been an ongoing issue for us as our database uses ID photos on some 2,000 records.
We recently had an unexplained corruption of the field definition which would not allow us to click the field settings without knack thinking we were creating a new field.
I resolved that by going in through conditional settings and tabbing back to the main screen which subsequently remedied the issue.
But fearing a data corruption I copied all the image values to a new field and whilst 2. above worked for a good many it still would not import others for no apparent reason.

Has anyone else encountered this problem ? I have checked the main ID used to access the record (record ID if you will which is unique) and made sure both sides had exactly the same data,
But as I said, it won;t match some up and store the image data in the field.

This has been a long standing problem and think its time it was resolved.


Hi @RayWindlow47079,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I believe I found your support ticket from last year reporting this, but we did not receive a response to be able to further assist you.

If you have anything unresolved surrounding this issue or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know: Create Support Ticket.

Sorry for the frustration on this, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hi Les
I raised this issue two or three years go and basically there was no resolution at the time.
At one point it was believed it had been resolved but subsequent tests proved this incorrect.

To restate, we store a tribute image of each person on our database.
Originally, we stored them on one-drive.
But the link was lengthy, meaningless in its reading and precarious if any global changes were made.
So, we changed to storing them on our own server with a meaningful URL address.
We ended up manually having to enter them all because we couldn’t upload URL addresses via a CSV, XLS file without the problem occurring of nothing being stored if a straight text address was entered OR a corruption of the data stored if we used the IMG tag into the same format as KNACK exports them.

In brief, KNACK cannot IMPORT URL addresses without corrupting them but CAN EXPORT them.
It should be an outstanding bug in the system awaiting resolution in my opinion.

I just did a small test with screenshots to prove the point and the the data is based on live data
all three image fields in the TEST file are defined as loading an image using an external url

Field 1 is what is used as the ID field called
named (SvcNo in the spreadsheet)

Field 2 is an image field with the value AS EXPORTED FORM THE LIVE DATABASE FILE with IMG tags
named (URL Image as exported in the spreadsheet)

Field 3 is an image field with external url source BUT WITHOUT THE IMG TAG codes
named (URL2 No Hyperlink in the spreadsheet)

Field 4 is an image field with external url source but with EXCEL CONVERTING THE STRING TO A HYPERLINK
named (URL3-HYPERLINK in the spreadsheet)

The immediate result is shown in the screendump of the TEST FILE

You will note the only item to be imported is part of the IMG tag data in the 2nd field. The rest are blank

Now I will manually add the data from the spreadsheet into each of the fields manually as was submitted during the import function.

Field 2
I did not need to enter anything as the value is there with the IMG tags BUT KNACK cannot do anything with it in this format and you end up with the distorted display and the closing IMG TAGS portion only.

Field 3
You can see that by manually entering the value previously submitted in field 3 above it works perfectly

Field 4
Also works perfectly because the effect of a cell value being a hyperlink is ignored.


Thank you again Ray for taking the time to write the detailed information and sharing your screenshots in your reply. I have passed this information along to our team, and one of my teammates will be reaching out to you in the near future about this.