Importing from csv list of external image files

This has been a problem for some time and I was hoping someone had resolved it by now.

I have a file that contains an image to be referenced externally on our server in a folder called tributes
It is a PNG file.

Storing the file by manually entering them into a form is absolutely fine, no issue.
But we have recently decided to protectg the artwork and have a copy of the image with a watermark printed on it. We now want to store a link to those images as well on the same file in a different field.

So I exported all the existing records containing the unique image related to that record.
The csv export gives me the following data with an angle bracket at each end “<'” and “>”

img src=“https://*our server details/*tributes/Surname-L/LEES%20Lawton%20400092%20(RAAF).png” /

So the watermarked version is almost exactly the same

img src=“https://*our server details/*tributes-public /Surname-L/LEES%20Lawton%20400092%20(RAAF).png” /

It just will not import that new information into the record. It imports nothing.
No error message says it comeplete okay but nothing appears in the field.

If I enter the new address manually works absolutely fine (as to be expected).

But I have some 3047 records to duplicate.

Has anyone got any suggestion ? maybe field updating using data in previous field perhaps except I cant load an image field into into a text formula ?

Cheers for any help

Do you have experience with export/import? Those can be tricky by themselves sometimes.
Is there a way you could just change the image in the original link to be the one you want?

Problem solved.

Throw away the extra bits KNACK ADDS when it exports the existing file and save the exact file data only into the import spreadsheet. (,Shown in bold below)

Then remove the subsequent hyperlink so excel doesn’t add extra too it.

bracket img source= quotes

https://our server details/tributes-public /Surname-L/LEES%20Lawton%20400092%20(RAAF).png

Quotes bracket at the end

Stopped working again lordy moses !!!