Importing jpg from local drive via csv

Hello. importing data from another source. I have a photo of users to import in jpg format.
I see in IMPORT info:

Import Images

Image fields have two options for how they load images. The first option is to upload images directly into your Knack account, which the image fields will then display. The second is to use external URLs for images already hosted elsewhere on the web, and Knack will display the images from those URLs.

You can batch import images. The image field must be set to upload, not URL. The import file will contain and tag or URLs to the images wherever they’re currently being hosted. Upon import, the images will be uploaded to our image server. There are issues with importing images from Dropbox URLs - they have to be the specific image URL for public use.

BUT I am struggling to get it in a format that will import. I expect I’m doing the tag wrong. What I have so far in the CSV is (had to paste a screen capture…the text box did not display the text correctly, meaning it is being interpreted as HTML, I guess.)

where 11360 is the record ID/link, and the next is what I can figure out as the IMG tag.
When I select the import file, the second field shows as blank. don’t know why.
The import finishes, but the photo is blank, just an icon to manually load a photo.