Display image from URL

I have a column in my database that is a URL to an image formatted as “http://mydomain.com/photos/image1.png” Is there a way I can view the image in the view details section? I can set it as a link that opens, but I don’t want that, I what the image to be displayed in the details view along with the other fields.

When I set the field type to image, it simply shows a broken image icon. Can I show this URL as an image or as an alternative how can I bulk upload my image files to knack? I have about 7000 images, so manually doing it is not an option.

I think this is working now. I re-imported my records with the URL, it seems to be working for now. Thanks

So all my records that contained my URL disappeared...must be why they aren't showing. But why did they disappear? The column and heading are still there, but no data. I'm assuming this happened when changing the field type. I changed it to a few different options, Link, Image, Short Text, etc, trying to display the image. What caused it to disappear and how can I re-import only that column again?

This is how I have the field set, but when I display it in the details view, it is blank. No image, no URL. It was showing a broken image icon, but now it's not even showing that, it is just blank. Do I have to have the URL formatted a certain way or surrounded with tags? My field is just the URL http://mydomain.com/photos/image1.png”

I think that's what the Image field type is for - set the 'Image Source' to 'Load images from external URL' and they should display as an image? See http://helpdesk.knackhq.com/support/solutions/articles/5000443356-basic-field-types#image