(pivot) report on joined tables

Using a variation of the 'job posting' template provided by Knack.

I'd like to create a pivot report showing count of (table.applications) by table.job.name.

That is, I want to show "how many applications do I have for each job".

I can't seem to do this. I can't create a join on two tables and then create a report on this join? Or I can't create a view and pivot on this view. I also can't add job.name to the application record when a new application record is created (not good database practice) so that I could then pivot applications by name.

It seems so close in the Table view of Jobs when I add a column of the related applications records. I can almost see the 'sum' function ... but it's not there.

Help, Thanks

And seems you can create 'formulas' that will do a little of the pivot for you. So I add a formula to the job table to count the number of related application records. Perfect.

Learning a little bit each time. ... :)

Wait, I just found where I can update an 'application' record with data from the connected job record. [ Form Rules -> Record Rules : set field to connected-field value. ]. Not ideal but gets the job done.

A new view of the joined tables would be preferred.